plant nanny

Dayle-Ann H., fourth-year undergraduate, Mount Royal University, Alberta


Overall rating 3/ 5 starsAt first glance, Plant Nanny appears to be an app designed to help you increase the amount of water you drink in a day. It provides lots of information about the importance and benefits of drinking an appropriate amount of water a day. Plant Nanny is basically trying to solve the dehydration issue many students deal with by getting people to associate drinking water with keeping an electronic plant alive.

Upon downloading, you’re met with a lot of information regarding the importance of drinking water. Then you get to pick your own plant and decide on a pot and a name. I picked a dandelion and I named it Robert. It then assigns you a total amount of water you should drink in a day based on the size of your glass/bottle, your weight, your activity level, and more. Once that information is provided, you click on the glass icon by your plant each time you drink water.

In the app, you have the option to purchase “seeds,” the currency of the app. Using seeds, you can buy more pots, plants, backdrops, and water of life. The water of life allows you to excel your plant’s growth—which honestly, seems a bit silly to me because it takes the focus away from drinking water. I didn’t do anything with the given seeds and water of life because I thought it would be more fun to see Robert grow as I improved my water drinking habits.

The app itself did help me increase my water intake, though if there’s one thing I wish someone would have told me is the increased trips to the bathroom. All that water has to go somewhere, right? All in all, the app is pretty cool and worth being checked out!

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